It can be frustrating when people assume your pronouns based on your name over email, and this happens all too often as society is accustomed to associating binary pronouns with certain names.

We've created these free signatures which you can add to your email account. They're fairly small, yet eye catching and clearly state your pronouns. Even if you use pronouns which are typically associated with your name, we encourage you to clearly state your pronouns to remind others that these should not be taken for granted, and that correct pronoun use is important. 

While we'd appreciate if you could link the signature to our website, we don't have any requirements for use. Either save the image and upload this to your email account, or copy and paste the direct link below each image. If you need help on how to customise your email signature, look here for Gmail, and here for Outlook. Other providers can be googled. We suggest you format the image to have alternative text, so people using screen readers can still interpret them.