We first trialed our open mic night early in 2017, and since then, the night has become a staple LGBTIQ+ event in Auckland. Entry is by donation, which is reinvested into Breaking Boundaries projects. To stay up to date with our projects, we recommend following our Facebook page

Open to all, but reserved for us.

Our open mics nights are open to everyone, regardless of sexuality or gender. Yes, this means you are welcome to bring friends and whanau who are not LGBTIQ+. We've even had people bring their parents! 

The mic however, is restricted to queer and trans voices only. We're in the business of elevating our communities voices.

All patrons are expected to remain respectful and uphold the mana of this space. We have a zero tolerance policy for racism, transphobia, sexism, ableism etc; bullying, harassment, and inappropriate contact is not welcome here. We are aware that some LGBTIQ+ events can be isolating to certain communities, and BRKBND are working to eliminate this. 

Open mic nights are sober.

We know how hard it is to find evening LGBTIQ+ social events which are not centered around alcohol, so we've kept our open mic nights alcohol and drug free.

Alcohol is not permitted to be consumed at our events. We will confiscate and discard any alcohol which is being consumed on site, and if we find you are intoxicated or disturbing the event, you will be asked to leave. We do not allow intoxicated patrons into the space.

A space for intergenerational contact and sharing.

We are proud to have created a space where people of all ages are welcome to participate. It is great to see different generations come together to share stories and experiences, and gain a deeper understanding of our own communities.

Keep in mind our open mics often cover mature or explicit material, which may not be suitable for younger audiences, or require guidance from an adult. 

No experience necessary.

One of the reasons our event has become so popular is the relaxed, welcoming atmosphere for all. Never performed before? No worries, why not give it a shot! Veteran performer? Great, show us what you've got.

People often use this space to try new poems, songs, and other performances they are working on. 

It is heartwarming to see our patrons embrace this kaupapa, with nervous first time performers shown love and care. It is awesome when a first time performer comes back with new-found confidence!

Featured performers each night.

We also invite two featured guests to perform at our open mic night in an effort to showcase local talent. 

Some audience highlights have been Randa, Tweed, MEER, HIM, and Courtney Sina Meredith, to name but a few!