Our Team
Breaking Boundaries is run by a small but dedicated team of volunteers (the BRKBND family).
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Joni Nelson
Creative Director

Joni is a queer femme writer and performer based in Auckland. As a creative, much of Joni’s work deals with queer commentary and critique, and they are passionate about the ways in which creative mediums can help to express queer voices and stories. You can reach Joni at joni@breakingboundaries.org.nz

Tycho Vandenburg
Operational Administrator

Tycho recently stepped down from directing BRKBND to focus on their PhD in community psychology, exploring transgender and gender diverse homelessness in Aotearoa. Tycho is a jack of all trades for BRKBND, tackling anything from funding to web and graphic design. Get in touch with Tycho at tycho@breakingboundaries.org.nz

Cole Meyers
Events Facilitator

Cole Meyers is a writer, actor, director and activist. He works as a consultant on trans and gender diverse narratives and inclusion, including at Shortland Street, where he is also a script writer. Cole is passionate about supporting the authentic representation and creative opportunities and potential of queer and gender diverse people and people with disabilities. He also really loves pigeons.

Crystal Myers
Events Manager & Events Tech

A queer music and events junkie with a penchant for creative business and marketing, Crystal is passionate about pop music, a lot of ‘isms’, personality testing and how communities engage with spaces. They review a lot of music, write a lot of copy and organise and run a lot of technical aspects for various events. Crystal's favourite things are socks with cool prints, chana masala, Lady Grey tea (with rice milk) and pangolins.

Liam Rayford
Events Coordinator

Liam is an anthropology MA student at the University of Auckland currently writing about queer black athletes and resistance. Liam is passionate about creating opportunities and resources for queer individuals to engage in holistic health, fitness and wellness practices in safe, inclusive spaces. They are also a part time drag king and enjoys watching critical top 10 lists on YouTube.

Jonie Ellis
Events Coordinator

Jonie is a transplant from Los Angeles who is a queer femme foodie in search of the best bánh mì in Auckland. She works as a client liaison by day but is a serial volunteer by night. Her past work includes teaching yoga to youth overcoming prostitution and trafficking. She is passionate about human connection and creating those opportunities anywhere she can.

Kylie Stoneking
Events Coordinator

Kylie is a bisexual biologist who recently decided to live her dream and become a graphic designer. She's from the U.S. and spends her time freelancing, improving her portfolio and studying. She is passionate about creating new things and helping others find community. She enjoys knitting, comic books, drinking tea, and would be sorted into Hufflepuff.

Executive Assistant

Elegant. Sophisticated. Uncoordinated.
Part time DJ.